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Christ Directed Life

We receive Jesus Christ by faith, as an act of the will. Theses five hearts represent five types of lives.

Diagram Key:

  • The 🤍 heart represents our spirit, self and will - everything that makes us "us".

  • The ⚪ circle represents the life of the believer - what we do in relationship to God through our environment.

  • The chair /throne represents the throne of our heart - the space occupied by the one who is in control of our life. 

  • The "S" represents our self, self-thoughts and our self-life.

  • The † cross represents Christ and HIs Lordship over our life.

  • The 💭 thought bubble represents the direction of our thoughts, desires and motives of our heart.

Christ on the seat of your heart.1.jpg



Self is on the throne. Christ is outside of the heart and  life of the individual. Thoughts and interests are self-serving.


Nominal (traditional / ritualistic) Christian

Self is on the throne. Christ is outside of the heart, but inside the life of the believer. This person believes, but does not yield or receive the fullness of the Spirit. He goes through the motions of Christianity, never experiencing the fullness of a relationship with God.

Christ on the seat of your heart.2.jpg
Christ on the seat of your heart.3.jpg


Carnal (or willful) Christian

Christ is in the heart of the believer, but self is still on the throne. The self still desires to be in control; therefore, self and Christ are in conflict, vying for control of the life of the believer. 


Lukewarm, or Laodicean Christian "Christophrenia" (Rev 3:14-22)

This drawing represents the Christian who alternately yields his life to Christ, and then gradually crowds Christ out of the throne of his life in order to run things himself. This individual lives in the illusion of being born again and Spirit-filled ("God helps those who help themselves"). This leads to disappointment and anger with God, others and self.

Christ on the seat of your heart.4.jpg


The Christ directed Life

As a clear-cut decision of his heart, this Christian desires to dwell in the fullness of God. He is finding the peace, joy and love of God, and is learning to sit at the feet of Christ, allowing the Lord to run his life. This individual is born again, Spirit-filled and desires to live in submission to Christ (John 3:5, 12:24-25).

Christ on the seat of your heart.5.jpg
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