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ASCE is a year round school to allow students to go at the pace they need to, whether that is to slow down and get the help they need or to finish early to participate in extra curricular activities.

Your child's individual well being and academic success is important to us.

Agape School of Christian Education

Why our school?

The small orientation of our school provides a closer relationship between the students and their teacher. Guidance is tailored to the individual child rather than to a large group of kids. It provides the teachers a chance to really know the students preventing labeling. One-on-one relationships help the teachers tailor a student's education to reflect what the child needs.

Our Beliefs

It is vital that children learn Christian morals, ethics and principles at an early age, developing character to become a positive and productive part of society. We believe in working together as a community to raise and educate our children through education, relationships, and social involvement. Our school is open to all people regardless of race, creed or circumstances.

Our Mission

As principal of Agape School of Christian Education,

Dr. Victor Michels has a heart of compassion for students. He understands the importance of community and it's effects on our children's education.

ASCE's small environment is designed to allow your children to grow and learn mentally, socially, emotionally and academically. Together as a team, the experienced staff work with the students and their families to assure they are equipped and well-balanced. The student-teacher ratio is low in order to allow us to build deeper relations with the students giving them a more personal education.

Interested in enrollment?

Contact us at:
or   (805) 614-9292

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